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The transaction and the notary:

For the buyer

Once the deed of sale signed and the price paid, you are the new owner and the keys are handed over to you. The use of a notary is mandatory and this step has a cost!

The use of notary

A notary deals with the sale and all needed registrations, but the interests of both parties are to be assisted each by his notary.

A notary for each party

The notary of the vendor can handle the entire sale, but the interest of the purchaser is to take one. It will be easier to ask for help if a problem or issue. You would never hesitate to seek his notary. He owes his client an obligation to counsel and should ensure the legality of the sale. He needs to complete all formalities (e.g. purge the right of first refusal of the municipality if the housing is in an area) and check that the documents that protect the purchaser has been provided, including those relating to specified diagnoses by law.

No extra charge

Two Notaries instead of one: it costs no more to the purchaser and the seller, as the two notaries will share the remuneration paid for this transaction.

Payment of the prize

Balance must be delivered into the hands of the notary, the latest, the day of final signature. It is often required a bank cashier's check to ensure that the actual payment, but a money transfer is the best way. In case of using a credit, you must verify that the funds will be released on D-Day by your bank.

Payment of agency commission

If the transaction was handled by a real estate agent, it is at time of signing the deed of sale, that commission must be paid and usually by the purchaser. In practice, therefore, the purchaser will issue three bank checks: one for the seller, the other for the real estate agent, the 3rd for the provision of notary fees.

Payment of a deposit for the cost of notary

In signing the bill of sale, the notary has not yet precise quantification of these costs. It will require the purchaser to pay him a sum approaching the final amount.

Calculating the costs of acquisitions of property: visit site Chamber of Notaries


Diagnoses (preferably to be achieved before the signing of the compromise)

Altogether, 7 property diagnoses are made mandatory in 2009. The seller must submit to the purchaser in the transaction, all required valid diagnoses. This folder should include:

Diagnosis lead (if built prior to 1948) - validity under 1 year

Diagnosis asbestos (if built prior to 1/7/1997) no expiries date.

Diagnosis white ants (once there is a presence of termites observed, or in municipalities that have made a declaration or prefectural departments). - Validity less than 6 months

Diagnosis gas (if construction has 15yrs or more)- Validity less than 1 year

The condition of natural and technological hazards (ERNT)- Validity less than 6 months

The energy performance diagnostic. Validity under 10 years -

Electrical Diagnosis (if installation > 15 years)

Your estate agent will suggest you the services of professionals, and may, if you wish to program the technician visit.

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